Elizabeth Drescher, PhD

The In Between

I’m a horrible blogger: Irregular (you’re supposed to blog at least weekly, if not more often); lengthy (experts say the best posts are about 500 words. I haven’t quite cleared my throat by then); and sloppy (okay, that’s pretty much everywhere I write. If my life depended on proofreading, I’d be long gone). For all these reasons, I didn’t blog often in the past, and certainly not with any regularity.

However, I intrigued with the idea of “in-betweening,” which is terminology from animation for adding a connective image between two frames in order to smooth animated movement, to make it look more alive. The in between, that is, is what creates to possibility of movement (or, some would say, the illusion of movement. You decide.) So,  I’ve decided to try to give a more disciplined, short-form blogging practice a go by way of in-betweening notes from interviews and other research, the ideas in my head, and various writing projects as they’re developing.

I’ve included older blog posts here to begin to fill The In Between for the time being, but look for more soon.


3 thoughts on “The In Between

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  2. I do enjoy your blogs. Perhaps that is because I live in what is known as “THE LAND BETWEEN”. This is with reference to that area of Central Ontario which lies between the Limestone Ridges of Niagara and Southern Ontario and the Great Canadian Shield of granite to the north. The Between Land is filled with a wonderful array of named and nameless lakes, forests, mountain ranges and swamps. It is a great place to live and die.

  3. Thanks, Desmond, for checking in from The Land Between. How cool is that?

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